Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is a British / American actress.


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  1. rebecca d

    Shame in alk of you for your comments regarding her weight gain. That poor girl clearly widdled and starved herself to nothing just to blend in with holkywood, ultimately landing a key role on a very popular show. Her body wad necessary for the part and unfortunately the popularity of her character gave women e false ideal that this is what we are supposed to look like when in reality and off the cameras she looked deathly. She looked unattractive, sick and week. There is nothingsexy about being able to count a women’sribs with your eyes. She got to a healthy weight and looked beautiful and probably felt great too but here are all these people criticizing her for it. Creeps like Brandon Davis should never be let out of their daddies mansions. They should stay tied to s tree in the yard until they know how to walk among the humans and show a little respect. I can’t imagine who his role models were. Mischa Barton is a very tall girl. I too am a talk girl and can look Damn sexy at 160 lbs. I’m a knockout in a bikini at 145lbs. If I got down the that weight she had on the OC, I probably wouldn’t be able to walk across a room. It’s a sick and ugly look. Who wants to see a bikini sagging off a woman when its try? What’s attractive about chest bones? They creep me the heck out. Look, if she hits the 200 mark, worry a little but in the meantime leave this beautiful girl alone!


    08/01/2013 at 8:03 AM

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